I love Thai food

I’d have to say that I have many Thai dishes which I love to eat. My favourite being pad Thai and tom ka gai. There are many Thai restaurants in Sydney which I go to. I always order the same thing. I absolutely love Thai food.


Thai food here is so expensive.
When I go to Thailand, I always go to Robinsons on sukhumwit. They have a great food hall downstairs with many different food shops. I always get pork soup and sweet sticky rice for dessert. One thing you can’t get here is sweet rice. I also like tub tim and the little green noodles in coconut milk. That’s delicious.

Tub tim.. mmmm

Last time I was in Bangkok, I was walking with my friend and I saw an ice cream man. I remembered back to Richard’s blog about the ice cream in the bread roll. It sounded weird to me but I decided to give it a try and it was the yummiest thing I have ever tasted!!!

I could eat Thai food all the time!!

Pad thai…

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