Anti Smoking Campaign NSW style!

Hello all!

For years and years now, the government made it compulsory for all tobacco products to carry a health warning. “Smoking while pregnant causes harm to your baby” “Smoking causes cancer.” People ignored these and continued to smoke.
A cartoon showing that smoking is socially unacceptable
Eventually, there was a ‘quit line’ where people would ring up anonymously and speak to a counsellor over the phone and hope that would help.

Well now, they have brought out pictures on each tobacco product depicting foul pictures of rotten feet, mouths and sick children all to do with smoking!

The new pictures.. eww

I first saw this done in Thailand. I was quite horrified because I was young and people would continue to smoke after they saw these pictures!! I believe it is effective! I still remember the pictures, a man getting a autopsy, showing a lung.. ewww.. I also remember seeing a man smoking around a small baby.. 🙁

So NSW has stolen this idea!! I hope it is effective!!

The new website to help quit online.


8 responses to “Anti Smoking Campaign NSW style!

  1. There’s one thing I cannot stand is smoking, well Jenny, if you want to meet up in Sydney some time, that’s where I live, just send us a line.
    By the way are you doing your EN nursing or Your RN’s

  2. Giving up smoking is easy – I’ve done it 100s of times.

  3. The new graphic health warnings, which have been introduced by Federal legislation were indeed inspired by Thailand (along with Canada, the other pioneer).

    Thailand has also recently introduced bans on point-of-sale advertising of cigarettes.

    Thailand has led the way in tobacco control in Asia, along with Singapore. Thailand has the lowest smoking rates in Asia after Singapore (approx 40% adult males and 3% adult females).

    His Majesty, King Bhumipol Adulyadej, has played an important role in encouraging the government to take firm action to reduce the damage smoking causes to the health of the Thai people.

  4. Only 3% of females smoke?

    That’s remarkably low – I must mix in unhealthy circles…

  5. Good subject Jenny, quit cigarette it is very hard took me many years before I did it. Sometime it took extreme measure like my car almost caught on fire from dropping cigarette on the floor.

  6. I’m trying to quit everyday.

  7. Hi again

    The quit coach

    has some very useful advice for those interested in quitting.

    Diego, if you are in Bangkok, you would probably expect female smoking rates were higher than 3% in Thailand. I think women smoking is seen as a bit of an “international” thing to do. Thai women outside Bangkok might be less interested in being “international”.

  8. anti smoking groups should accept the fact that ppl wanna smoke…regardless of how bad it is for us it’s still their choice, no one should have the right to take that away from them and if they do then there will be riots…i agree that teens smoking is a bad idea and that it should be prevented, i don’t agree however with the thought that it’s the tobacco companies faults…if the parents had the time to talk to their kids alot of their problems might be avoided…tobacco companies don’t even have commercials anymore, or billboards…they do have giant surgeon general warnings on the side of buildings where they’re sold…suing a tobacco company for giving u lung cancer is like suing mcdonalds for making u fat…ppl have done it…ppl have won…but its retarded as hell…u can’t say u don’t know hamburgers are greasy and fattening…learn to control urself and u’d be surprised how few problems u’ll have…