Daily Archives: May 20, 2006

Anti Smoking Campaign NSW style!

Hello all!

For years and years now, the government made it compulsory for all tobacco products to carry a health warning. “Smoking while pregnant causes harm to your baby” “Smoking causes cancer.” People ignored these and continued to smoke.
A cartoon showing that smoking is socially unacceptable
Eventually, there was a ‘quit line’ where people would ring up anonymously and speak to a counsellor over the phone and hope that would help.

Well now, they have brought out pictures on each tobacco product depicting foul pictures of rotten feet, mouths and sick children all to do with smoking!

The new pictures.. eww

I first saw this done in Thailand. I was quite horrified because I was young and people would continue to smoke after they saw these pictures!! I believe it is effective! I still remember the pictures, a man getting a autopsy, showing a lung.. ewww.. I also remember seeing a man smoking around a small baby.. 🙁

So NSW has stolen this idea!! I hope it is effective!!

The new website to help quit online.