Daily Archives: May 6, 2006

Sorry, first blog in ages!!

Hello everybody!

I am not sure if you all remember me.. So let me refresh your memory. I am a now 20 (ah so old) year old girl from Sydney Australia. I love Thailand very much. I have been there many times and speak Thai!! ^^ I can also read Thai now!! Well I try too!
I haven’t been blogging in ages! I have started Nursing and I study 5 days a week and have to do assignments on the weekend.. I am doing an assignment now! :P. But, last night I had time to go bowling with my boyfriend!! 😀

I promise that I will blog more often! There are alot of Thai aspects in Sydney. There are 3 temples, shops and alot of restaurants. I always speak Thai there and get alot and alot of food!!
I will also write about my city!!

Next blog will be cool, I promise.. Well I hope you are all well and you’ll be hearing from me soon!!