Thai-blogs and Google.

A high Google rating is a highly-coveted prize on the Net. However, popularity can be a bad thing, and this folk wisdom seems to apply to the cyberworld as well.

Let’s play a Google game! Have you ever wondered what you’ll get if you type homeless farang
into the search window? Try it. 🙂

Let’s get a bit more naughty. Type this: what does intercours look like and marvel at the results. 😉

I got these and other keywords from the blogstats for this site.

gay barber shampoo -bill
hairy armpit girls photos
thailand exhibitionist meeting points -siamjai
what does intercours look like -richard
unseen siam media
alcoholism in thailand
sweet thais girls -steve
make love thai girl -steve
thai and laos teenager dating line -oakley

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