Fried Ice Cream

Reading one of Richard’s recent comments reminded me of a really strange but extremely delicious Thai food: fried ice cream. Mmm.. just writing about it makes me hungry! Here, take a look:


Top and bottom view of this unusual delicacy

Fried Ice Cream?

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. 🙂 Instructions seem simple at first glance: take a scoop of icecream, cover it with a layer of batter, and then dip it into boiling oil.

Now some of you may be thinking along the lines of my first thought when I heard about it: “are you crazy? Ice cream in hot oil? It’s gonna be a soggy mess!” And sure it would be, were it you or me standing at the frying pan. 😉 But in the hands of a skilled Northern cook, this technique can turn even the most boring scoop of vanilla ice cream into a yummy delicacy.


You can see from this cross-sectioned pic that it’s not soggy at all; the ice cream inside is still solid and frosty. I guess the secret lies in the thickness of the batter coat, and the time it’s spent in the boiling oil. Take it out too soon and the batter doesn’t fry properly; leave it in for too long, and the icecream melts inside. It takes skill and experience to get it right.

Oh, by the way, want to hazard a guess how much a scoop costs up here in a Chiang Mai mall? Send answers below in a comment – I’ll post the answer later.

Cheers! 🙂

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