Stories from the Thai Press – 07

Man 33, Marries Woman 104!

Translated from the Thai Rath newspaper 3-5-06

According to a local newspaper in the northern Malaysian province of Kuala Terrenganu, a handsome local lad, 33, has just married the love of his life…..who is errrr… only 104 years-old!

Mr Nur Che Musa a former employer of the national airforce married his beloved darling in ceremony during the month of February, but decided it best to keep the wedding rather confidential…..until now.

Mr Nur declared to the press that it was the first time he had ever been married.

As for his wife named Mrs Wook (104) however, she admitted to having been married an astounding 20 times before and that Mr Nur was her 21st husband!!!

Mt Nur said that “After leaving the airforce i was leading a darned boring life which was going nowhere and ended up in some dead-end factory job in Kuala Terrenganu”

Anyway, good luck for Mr Nur – the grotty old dwellings which the factory afforded him was where he met the love of his life! He hadn’t been residing there that long before he had the privilige of being introduced to his beautiful bride-to-be.

Mr Nur explained that “From the moment i met her, she was such a wonderful woman, i just knew she was the one for me, she taught me about religion and i taught her how to read and write! a wondeful partnership, we hit it off straight away!”

Mr Nur went on to voice his apprehension to how he and his bride would be ‘judged’ by the media. “At first, i really felt pity for Mrs Wook as she didn’t have any close relatives, children, or anything like that. She was ……all alone in this big wide world. It wasn’t long however, that i began to fall in love with Mrs Wook and i saw the age difference as completely irrelevant to having a relationship”

“Before i met Mrs Wook, i had never met any other woman who would take me seriously. She is the only woman who i have ever known who has truly loved me for what i really am!” Mr Nur went on to say.

According to Islam, a man is entitled to 4 wives – but in reality it doesn’t happen often. As for Mrs Wook and her outlook on having Mr Nur as her 21st husband ” Getting married is a personal thing, and in regards to my religion – we have done absolutely nothing wrong”

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