Thai Relay Race


There is a traditional Thai game called wing pieow ( วิ่งเปี้ยว ) which is very popular with my students. In English it is sometimes translated as “relay race” or “flag game”. It is quite easy to play and very fun. You need two teams of equal size. There should be at least four people in each team. Two posts are then set up about 20 metres apart. The two teams line up at each end. The referee stands in the middle with his arms stretched out and holding a handkerchief in each hand. When everyone is ready he blows the whistle. The first member of each team then has to run to the far pole and back. Along the way they grab the handkerchief from the referee. When that team member gets back he then passes the flag to the second member and then that person has to run up to the pole at the far end and back again. Basically, what is happening here is that each team is trying to catch up with the other. If each team is equally strong then this game could go on for a long time until someone becomes too tired and slows down. In the picture below you can see that the guy in the white shirt has nearly caught up with the guy in front. As soon as he does that then his team is declared the winner. As a video would be better to explain this game, I will also be posting on our sister site at Thailand Video Blogs in the near future.

Relay race

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