Moving to Thailand – best decision ever!

“Are we making the right the decision to move to Thailand now?”
Just to give you a little taste of what I have been dealing with.

We both are in the early 40s, I have thai-american passport (been in US for 23 yrs), hubby – american, and we have a 20 yrs marriage. We owned a fairly successful engineering firm for 14 yrs. All these years being in the US, we both think we have accumulated quite a bit of acadamic degrees, knowledges, work and life experiences, along with money. At 40 we have finally come to the junction middle point in our live that it’s time for us to move on and to try doing something new which will in turn gives us unique experiences and pleasures.
I’m an architect/urban planner, hubby – an structural engineer. We have a strong interest in design and homes building. We can work on the project all days and all nights without getting tired on it. We did this on our last 2 homes and had made a sizable profit from them. Now we’re at the point that the housing market here is still red hot, and if we could build 1 more home then we will able to walk away with extra few hundreds thousand profit, but the problem is in our area is so difficult or almost next to impossible to get a building lot to build on – the price had gone up so crazy since last year – tripled from the last year price. So we had thought to ourselves why do we want to build and move again – so much hassles in the process – why don’t we just sell our house which have appreciated so much in value since we built it 2 yrs ago, then take the money+savings and move to thailand…..then we can develop the housing over there instead….thus in turn we will be doing something we truly love and give us pleasures so much.

Beside the points mentioned above……We used to think we have a good life and an american dream. But lately there also seems to be something missing in our lives. Working on someone else projects is not “sanuk” any more. It becomes quite a mundane feeling…..A typical day in, day out of getting up in the morning, going to work, then getting paid for the job well done. There is no bliss in life or happiness in doing it anymore.
I read from somewhere that “Happiness” is…
1- Be able to do what you love (follows your passions)
2- Be able to control your own destiny
3- Be able to get helps when you need one
4- Be able to get reward you deserved (materials or non-materials)

So there you have it “my dilema”. I don’t know what is worse, the fact that I took the time to think about the decision, or the fact that I thought it twice, or the fact that I began to understand it the third time we thought on it…..and why do we like Thailand.

All we know is this…. I will miss the USA, the great country (in my eyes) that gives me soo much. I’m sure that In the first five years I will painted a mind picture of how great things were back in the states. But somehow after our recent 4 weeks vacation there over the X’mas, something had happened. We just couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. All I know is that…..When we came back to the US we found things had changed or at least changed from what we remembered. Within two weeks we wondered why we had came back and was already thinking of ways to get back to Thailand. What do we miss SO MUCH now?? ….THAILAND!

We know when we move there, it will be an amazing new life begining, discovering new ways of life, food, places, people, and politics oh boy!. The most difficult thing for us to accept are the constant dangerous situations and manoeuvres you’ll see almost every time you drive on the roads, be it in the moo ban or on the motorway. Drives both of us insane! But we know we will have traded off many of our former daily routines for new ones. It’ will be a refreshing experience and making me realize how familiarty can breed a degree of boredom. There will be enough new things to see, learn and experience in Thailand that we’re set for the rest of our life. We will feel like a kid again, full of much wonderment.

So I guess, it won’t all be as boring or terrifying as I originally planned, I hope.

Stay Tuned…for the next chapter of our life.
Thanks for reading my story

20 responses to “Moving to Thailand – best decision ever!

  1. I can’t wait to read how it goes for you and your husband. Chok Dee in your new life. Keep writing.

  2. Good luck to the both of you. How exciting to be so close to starting a new adventure. Look forward to future blogs.

  3. Thanks guys
    We hope to move by the end of this year or beginning of next year…have to sell our home and the business first.
    We can’t wait to get there, it still seems like a life time away!…bummer

  4. Hopefully we’ll follow the same path in about 15 years. (Gosh, it’ll be our 5th anniversary next January already!!)

    Congratulations and Good luck ka!

  5. Being retired and making a living for my self out of investing, I have seen many booms and busts, and due to the low inflation environment of the past 2 decades, when a market drops, it will not be hidden by the effects of inflation like in the past, where a flat period in the property market was actually a drop, if you allowed for inflation. I can see the US property market bubble busting or receding over time, with in 6 to 12 months.and prices then will be below what they are now.
    It the right time to get out, or invest in to some thing else, even though Thai property prices in places like Bangkok and Pattaya have increased substantially in the last few years, they may be a little over valued, but still expectable if you need some where to live.
    Thailand’s is a developing country, so it’s growth rate should be higher than a developed country over time, so that is also an advantage if you have a capital base to start with as that should grow faster than in the USA, but your lower salaries will balance, that out.
    The lower cost of living, will you substantial capital base, will give you a very nice life style, if you decide not to work to hard.
    Remember your, husband will never be able to own a house in Thailand, due to foreign ownership laws even though you are a Thai citizen, best to set up a Thai company in your husbands Name, with you and your Thai family, as a 51% share holding in the house, and your husband a 49% share holding. Best to consult a Thai Lawyer.
    Good luck, I think you will enjoy the experience.

  6. Hi. I think it’s a great idea. I hope so, I have been living here for about 2 years myself, although I am originally from Australia. Good luck with everything, please feel free to ask any questions to me (if you can’t see my email I can send it to you later).

    I would add another thing to that list of what happiness it: giving and being able to help others. And in Thailand, coming from the USA economy you’ll have a great chance to do that.

    It is quite fun here and nice. Not perfect, but pretty good. Actually the traffic isn’t that bad once you start driving and may actually be a lot less dangerous than some USA traffic. Occassionally I feel “what am I doing here” or “I don’t belong”, but i felt that in Australia too, and mainly here I feel I am very welcome and part of a community.

    Welcome to Thailand

  7. paul_au
    The bubble burst is something that worried me quite a bit. This is the strongest reason that prompts us to go ahead and take the profit now. But once in Thailand we will be sitting on our cash for awhile and waiting for the right/unique land to be for sale – with other half still will be in other investment accounts – I believe in diversifying our portfolio. We wouldn’t be buying a house for sure, because we’re looking forward to building one our own. This is one way to guard against the drop in the future value which we had learnt from past experiences and also from my dad who was one of the property developers in Bangkok before he past away two decades ago while I was studying in the US. Generally the properties in the expat areas we thinks are always overpriced anyway. This is why there is the renter market in these such areas because most farangs can never sell for what they were bought for. In addition I also agree with setting up a thai company in order for my husband to have any rights in the properties. It will be the real and fully operating construction/development company since we’re planning to do it originally anyway because we will be doing some serious business in Thailand, not just using it for the up-front company. I will keep you inform

  8. Paul
    It’s nice to hear you too like it there. I hope once we’re finally there we can set up members get together party, may be once a year? It would be fun though

  9. Hope y’all get to Thailand ASAP!

    Be cautious putting all your eggs into one basket, the Bangkok traffic alone could break them all!

    As for “the grass is greener” in such and such place, well, there is no place on Earth where some folks don’t suffer that evil disease “boredom”!

    Where your head is at, will always be more important than where you body is at!

    Have fun, prosper, relax, life is much too short.

    All the best!


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    I have an apartment in BK but for investemnt I think I have done better in Bulgaria Golden Sands so far. What do other people think ?

  12. Can any of you tell me how it is possible to stay in Thailand long term? I am from Canada and will be moving there in early 2007. I am only 29 so I am not there to retire… and I am not there to work either. I will be training and fighting Muay Thai full time.
    I know I can get a 60 day travel visa and then go do visa runs but I was told you can’t do more then 3 visa runs… is this true?
    Any info would be greatly apreciated.

  13. You can do as many visa runs as you want.

  14. Your story sounds much like my own. My husband and I are 44 and we have been working really hard in building. We are now getting tired and ready for a change. Our son starts college this year and we are free to change. We can afford to retire and slow down a bit in Thailand. I am now looking for flights to go in December and take a look. We also have friends that live there and love it. I would love to hear more about your experiences. I wish you the best in your venture. Write soon, thanks.

  15. I envy you guys.
    I’m at the top of my field as to my career (considered by an American Business magazine survey of 100 top professionals in my field).. but my job requires one understand Perrrrrrfecccct ENGLISH for me to get results.

    I’d love to pick up and move to Thailand or work there part of the year. I’ve made, what I consider the ultimate, alternative decision. I can give a seminar in Bangkok several times a year in the field my expertise is in.

    And since it is hypnosis …. and England, Australia, Singapore and several growth areas are less than a 7 hour jet ride away … it looks like it’s happening … and maybe one day … 🙂 …
    I’ll find it hard to return.

    I’m a NYC native … brought up in Greenwich Village, NYC. My family emigrated here over 150 years ago (my grandmother’s grandparents).
    NYC has cleaned up it’s act. It’s become sterile to natives in the process … angrier ….. very fear-based .. thanks to our media …..
    Bangkok is like the NYC I grew up in … gritty .. like NYC’s Little Italy and Chinatown …. congested …. and most of all …. affordable ………

    Thanks for your story above …. it certainly lit a spark under my hide.

  16. My wife and 2 kids moved from Thailand to the UK five years ago. Her heart belongs in Thailand and its special to me too. We have developed a thriving “online” business that we can effectively run from anywhere. We are moving to thailand on an initial 12 month trial to see how it goes.

    I have a FEW fears and doubts but am excited as well.

    I hope it all works out well for you

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  20. Hi everyone, I am 54 years old, I worked for 30 years in a well know TV brand company,
    I have been out of work since June 2009, have not been able to find a job, I am thinking to sale everything, and move to Thailand, I am so worried and fearful to take this step,
    I believe if I sale everything here, I should have $2000 per month for the rest of my life to live in Thailand,
    How I overcome my worries and fears? Is $2000 per month enough?
    Is there any chance at all to do some type work to keep busy and make some income?
    Thank you all.
    San Diego, CA