Daily Archives: April 9, 2006

Poi Sang Long in Chiang Mai

(I do feel ashamed of having disappeared, and not writing anything about Chiang Mai’s spectacular, colourful festivals (and everydays!) for such a long time. I have been encouraged to return, so now I’ll give a try to remote linking to my blog gallery at least.)

Poi Sang Long was celebrated by Chiang Mai’s Shan (Tai Yai) community at Wat Pa Pao from 4 to 6 April this year. 86 boys dressed up in ornate costumes, floral decorations and donations for the temple were paraded around some of the moat to the deafening beat of drums and gongs. The party went on at the temple grounds for an entire day before the novices-to-be were eventually taken to the temple, given blessings, and changed to the saffron robes by their parents and elder monks. It was fascinating to hang around for hours and watch the people, the market, the food stalls, the children playing, the families having a great time, the boys “dancing” mounted on their male relatives.

boys are…. boys 🙂