Playful kids

Hi. I have been noticing, since my most recent return from Australia, that you see a lot of young kids in Thailand. Maybe some Thai readers may be surprised to hear that in Western countries it is unusual to see so many young people. They are not such a normal part of life as they are here in the Kingdom.

There are many reasons why Thailand is such a relaxed and happy place but perhaps this is one that is often overlooked. Having little kids running around being normal little kids is such a joy. The Dalai Lama suggests to the world leaders that they should hold their summits with their families, perhaps over a BBQ or picnic. Having children around reminds us of humanity and of the requirement for adults to be responsible. It also adds a sense of fun and innocent happiness.

In my Moo Ban there are lots of young kids freely playing around at the moment as it is school holidays. They are happy and a part of the community and everyone watches out for them and people drive a bit slower and stop and say hello to them. In Australia it is unusual to see so many young kids freely walking or riding their bikes around. Their parents live in fear of the strangers and so the kids are often kept inside out of harms way – but also out of the community and out of every day life.

When we go to lunch at the local restaurant here. There is a young toddler there. Her Mum works in the restaurant and her grandparents also (they own it). How wonderful is that?!? Three generations together every day. The young girl knows all the regular customers and comes and says hi and often collects our money. In such an environment it is very difficult for someone to be angry or depressed for long. Young kids take that opportunity away from people.

There is no great point to this blog, just to point out that it is great to have kids around and as a part of normal everyday life. I hope that doesn’t stop.

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