Just a quick (and THE LAST, I promise) reflection on the comment on my last blog (TIME TO GO).
I’ve been told to shut up on the ground I am falang and I can not simply accept it, isn’t it a form of racism?.
Who ever has the right to tell me,or someone, else to shut up just because I am expressing an opinion which is, by the way, shared by an increasing number of people in this country (recently also Law Society of Thailand and the Press Council of Thailand)?

I would like to add that in my village’s school where I am helping with the teaching I often have discussions with my fellow teacher about politics. Many of them are strong Takshin’s supporters. After school time we often discuss about the situation, we never agree, we speak and we drink few beers together, some whisky and when we leave nobody surely will ever change his opinion but never, ever, anyone told me to shut up, never!
And surely not because I am a falang!
They told me clearly that they think I am “tin ton nitnoi” but they respect what I say, the same way I do with them and they even like the way I care about their country even though I have opposite view than theirs.
This, as far as I am concerned, is a very good example of democracy!
So why shall a falang tell me to shut up?
I do not get it, if you do not like to read my posting… skip them… but tolerance, respect and education shall always prevail.

I feel that we are all living in the same world, boundaries shall be no limit, what it is happening in Africa, Nepal or Iraq is surely affecting me. I care about the fate of billions of people who live in the same earth we share, whether I have the same the passport or not… I do not care.
Does this mean that I have no right to profoundly admire and love His Majesty the King of Thailand? Or that I can not “nearly worship” Mahatma Gandhi as I am not an Indian?

No, I will not shut up, because I think I have the right to express my opinions unless I am hurting anyone and I strongly feel the state of our world shall be anyone’s concern.
No I will not shut up unless the admin of this blog will tell me to do it, in this case I will surely bend to their orders.

I am wrong? Am I right? I do not know, but just tell me just one more thing.
If nothing is wrong here, may you tell me why so many of you are afraid this blog may be “blacklisted”?
Isn’t “blacklisting” having something to do with dictatorship?
If Thailand is still and really a democracy why are you so afraid of being “Blacklisted”?

Peace and Love to Thailand and the whole world.

PS: I am thinking about giving 500 bahts to everyone who posts a positive comment about my blogs… ring a bell?

SURIN, March 19th, 2549

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