Scent of a…Kanom Tuay Foo?

I walked into the bathroom at the office. Someone has just been in there and lingering behind is a familiar, sweet scent.

“Did someone just eat Kanom Tuay Foo in here?”

Who the right mind would make a perfume that smells like Thai dessert? I mean, really.

Then again, the trends these days with perfumes that smell like cupcake, creme brulee, and what not. Why not Kanom Tuay Foo!

Kanom Tuay Foo, the “fluffy cup”, is the Thai answer to cupcakes. (I’m sure Richard can provid a wonderful picture here. Hehe.) True to its name, KTF is airy and fluffy. Think Angel’s Food cake and make it even lighter than that. And lightly scented with what I think is jasmine, or it could be Dok Nom Maew, “cat blossom” (Rauwenhoffia siamensis), another sweet fragrant flower used in many other Thai desserts. They usually come in a set of, say, six, in different colors. Usually, light green, light pink, light yellow, and maybe even light blue. Emphasis is on pastel to maximize the fluffy, airy-ness.

Kanom Tuay Foo is also one of the auspicious desserts served at Thai wedding just like Thong Yib, Thong Yodd, Foy Thong, and Kanom Chan Richard had mentioned earlier. “Foo” means to rise up into a fluff. The notion of rising up is auspicious. In a way, so the married life and only go up, and up, and up.

Alright. I guess that lady’s perfume is probably not Kanom Tuay Foo fragrance, but some kind of jasmine. But man, that sure makes me miss my favorite dessert!

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