Intro about me.

Greetings! This will be my first time blogging here so I might as well introduce myself. First of all my name is Patiphan Vatanakorn (recently change use to be Yoddoi Harnnoi). My nickname, well I have a lot of that some nice ones and bad ones (a lot of bad ones I don’t know why :P). Here are my nickname, Nut, Nick, Pat, and Poom Puy (the later is what my mom call me. I was born in Thailand and of course I’m 100% Thai. I lived in Thailand from the time I was born until I was about twelve, which was when I came here to live in the US. It has been almost fourteen years now. I am now twenty-five years old. Of course I have gone back to visit Thailand, but not as often as I like to. Work and school tends to do that to people. I lived in a town call Tinley Park a suburb area just south of Chicago, IL, about fourty-five to one hour drive to and fro. I am currently taking sometimes off school for reason I do not wish to discuss at the moment. I am working as a Pharmacy Technician at a hospital with a kind of semi-nice pay per hour (in other word sh**y, but a job is a job right?). Better than not doing anything.

Any that’s my short history about myself.

Thats it for now. BBL. Peace

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