Daily Archives: March 3, 2006

Thong Yib and Thong Yod

Thong yib

I have already told you about Foi Thong (Golden Threads) which is a Thai dessert from ancient times that is served at auspicious ceremonies. For example, at weddings. There are two other desserst from this same family that I want to introduce to you today.  Thong Yib, or Golden Pinch (above) and Thong Yod, or Golden Droplets (below). They all have the word “thong” in common which means “gold”. If you give these desserts to someone at a wedding, it means that you are wishing for them to have fabulous wealth in the future.

 Thong yod

Thong Yib is made with the following ingredients: duck egg yolks, castor sugar, fresh water and pandanus leaves. The latter is for making the syrup. Like I showed you on the Foi Thong video, two kinds of syrup are made: thick syrup and light syrup. The egg mixture is dropped into the boiling thick syrup. Then later, dipped into the cooler light syrup. This gives it the glossy look.

Thong Yod uses the following ingredients: egg yolks and a mixture of wheat and rice flour. The two syrups are made with castor sugar and fresh water. All three of these desserts are delicious and worth eating.