Proud to be in Thailand

It’s since quite a long time that I’ve been a regular visitor and sometimes a rather controversial contributor (at least according to the comments my “rants” are getting) but one thing is really puzzling me.
Never, ever I’ve been reading about the current political situation in the country and I wonder why.
It is because are will still believing to live in the land of milk and honey, of smiling and serving girls and good food?
Or because there is some sort of censorship and such real matters can not be tackled?
Here I am getting ready to stand in front of the firing squad but I really want to express my opinion about such an important subject.

I am proud to be living in Thailand now, I am proud to be witness of such massive, peaceful revolt against this evident abuse of power.
I am proud to share such feelings with some many Thai people.
I am proud to say that Thais are setting an example world wide.
I met a group of Italian people while in India and I told them about what is happening here. In Italy they have the identical problem, their PM (Berlusconi) may be Takshin twin brother but they have been unable to say anything about his policies that he uses to further enrich himself and his rich friends.
So once again I am so proud to be here in such historical moment, I only hope that all this positive energy and movement will not be useless and the “magician” will not be using any of his many trick (as he is doing already) to grab power again.

And thanks God it seems I am not the only one thinking this way in this beautiful country which I really love… and now I am ready for the firing squad.


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