Kalasins Museum

Let’s go to the museum, oh what a lovely idea. One step better than the dentist office or I’d rather have a lobotomy.
“Oh, look the shard is from a 1,000 year old pot that who cares what was stored in it”. And how do they really know, anyhow?
“Oh, look an obsidium arrow head used by pre-nasal man to kill whatever animal was on the menu”.
Also for a kid it’s wonderful,”don’t run. don’t make noise, don’t tuch that”
Museums with narrow aisles jammed with display cases aren’t my cup of tea, nor the ones where the lighting is terrible and I can’t see in their display cases for the reflection from the sun or flourescent light.
Museums can be one royal bore.
Museums should be educational, interesting, comfortable and fun all at the same time.

The Museum in Kalasin fills that bill in spades.
If you want to learn ablout life in Isaan this is the place to come. Even if you don’t care about life in Isaan this place is brilliant and I bet you get interested or at least enjoy the place. Lifelike plaster figures depict scenes of Isaan life, from a woman gving birth, morlom, monks and people in their homes, to death.

Tools and musical instruments are on display, and you can even touch them. Dioramas or vignettes or whatever they are called lifelike and well presented.

The display rooms are bright and spacious, and spread nicely over the whole first floor of the old sala khan (2d floor for Americans).

If you’re ever in the area this is the place stop. Kalasin has tonnes of stuff to see and do, from dinosaurs to the best silk in Thailand. More about the province in the future.
The pictures tell a better story than me, so enjoy.


5 responses to “Kalasins Museum

  1. Tom-Kalasin musem looks very interesting – and it seems photographs are permitted. I have been to a museum in Thailand, and while I found it interesting, knowing some of the neccesary history, it certainly was not “user friendly” -and photography was forbidden !

  2. some of the “national museums” will not allow photos.
    around isaan especially if you speak lao and shmooze a bit things can be worked out.
    i always carry a couple dozen examples of my stuff to show them and talk about isaan.
    the old “plead insanity and throw yourself on the mercy of the court” routine.


  3. Thanks for that, Tom -most certainly I can “plead insanity” (may be too convincingly !) -the Lao speaking may, however, be beyond me. :-))
    It was a national museum I visited -the one at Chiang Mai

  4. Yes, I quite agree with you on lots. I live out in “Muk” 4 months per year-but have never been to kalasin, this winter I shall follow your advice. I’ve never seen thai’s handle culture for falang’s – But really many thanks.


  5. Hello and sawasdee Krap to everyone

    This is my first trip to the Isaan, Kalasin and area, so I guess it is a good idea to publish some pictures from here and also some informations about this area, but usually I living at the south of Thailand I hope you enjoy this website and wish you all the best !
    January 2009, Mike