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Fact: I do deeply believe in God
Fact: I do not absolutely like to give the God I do believe in any name.
GOD is.
I passionately support Glasgow Celtic F.C., but this is a football team while God is and shall remain an inner personal matter. God shall not become like a football team whose hooligans sometimes beat and kill each other “happily”.
Fact: I am very close to Buddhist philosophy and I repeat PHILOSOPHY and not religion.

Fact, while flying from Calcutta to Hyderabad I could, unfortunately, read as follows:

“The All India Hindu Personal Law has announced a cash reward of 101 crores of Rupees (a figures with so many zeroes to write) for the person who will behead a painter, Maqbool Fida Husain, for having recently made a nude painting of Bharat Mata and previously some “obscene” paintings about some Hindu Gods.”

On the same page another article reads like this:

“In Uttar Pradesh, a state minister called Haji Yakub Qureshi made a smilar announcement for the head of the Danish cartoonist who made the now unfortunately famous “blasphemous” cartoons.”

And all this in the name of God?
And I wonder how many more people will have to die in this world “In the name of God”?
And I wonder which God may ever wish a human being to die or kill in his name?

I look back at history, at the “Crusades”, at the “Inquisition”, at “9/11”, at “the Irish civil war” to name a few of many more and the only conclusion is that religion, and not money, is the root of all evil, religion is the cause of the state of the world as it is nowadays where everyone pretends to have the one and only “Word of God” and everyone pretends to convert the other or better to force the other to his beliefs.
Those who are not sharing those beliefs are “infidels” or “will go to hell”, are we sure that this is the word of God?
No, I am sure THIS IS NOT THE WORD OF GOD, this is the word of human beings who want to grab power and money and to do that they use God.
I do believe that God needs no words because God is Peace and Peace is about Silence, if we really love God then we have to love peace, if we really long for God then we have to long for Peace.
I really think that more all preachers are shouting “their God” the more they are going far away from Him and in so doing they are also bringing their followers far away from Him.

But today’s outlook is really quite depressing, isn’t it? Even Mr. Bush is claiming that God is guiding him… wow! God shall be very busy in guiding so many people who are so much happy at hurting, harming and killing each other!
If it would really be like this I suppose that it would be much better if God will take a long, very long holiday.

I anyway respect any people’s faith, I may not agree with it but surely I deeply respect any personal choice and I do believe that everyone shall be doing the same, it would be the first real step towards peace.

Then, one day, thanks to a dear friend’s advice I set my eyes on a book that I think shall be given out free to everyone, a text that shall be read in all schools instead of having religion hours and book that I humbly advice everyone to read.
I did not (of course) wrote it, I will not gain from its sales and I have no shares of its publishing company so if I dare to whisper to people to buy and read this book is that because as a social worker I feel that something radical shall be done to change this world, there is too much injustice, to much poverty, too much pain and desperation. Still, I do believe the world could become a much better place to live for my kids and my grandkids and everyone of us.
I do surely believe in God and I do believe in people but I do not believe anymore in religion as it is now, just power and fundamentalism.

Give this book a try, is not even too much expensive… try to read it… and think about it… and remember that a big wave always starts from a small ripple.
I care, I care about what kind of world I will leave to my children, to my grandchildren and I feel and I hope I can still write these words without fear of having my head removed from the rest of my old and fat body.

By the way, the book’s name is: “WHAT GOD WANTS” by Neale Donald Walsch.

Hyderabad (India), February 24, 2006

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