Stir-fried Pork with holy basil

One of the most famous Thai dishes around the world is this one, stir-fried pork fried with chili and holy basil. You don’t have to use minced pork, as variations include chicken or beef. In Thai it is called moo pat ga-prao. The last part refers to the basil. It is quite simple to cook and the result is very delicious. Can you believe that the above was cooked a few days ago at my local food shop? It is one of those places with an open front with a minimum of decoration. There are thousands of these shops around Thailand. They are much cheaper than going to a restaurant. Believe it or not, this dish was only 25 baht which is about 60 cents. Most foreigners miss out on these meals as they think that they will get ill if they eat street food. So, they decide to pay three or four times as much in a restaurant for exactly the same dish. The ingredients probably came from the same market and were cooked in the same kind of kitchen. I am not saying you won’t ever get ill by eating street food. You just need to use some common sense. If you see a lot of Thai people eating at a food stall or food shop, then the chances are high that the food is not only delicious, but safe to eat too!

As usual, I have also shot a video showing how this was cooked. It is number 11 on the list. Thanks to Pornsiri Kitchen in Soi Sulao for giving us the demonstration.

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