Good Blogs from the Past – 02

Pattaya beach

Pattaya Beach

It is time again to look at some of the best blogs from this time last year. Even if you have read some of these already, they are worth revisiting. For new readers to our blogs, this is a good opportunity to have an introduction to the wealth of good blogs we have in our archives.

Some Festivals and Events coming soon:

  • Now: Bangkok International Film Festival
  • 16–20 February: King Narai Fair in Lop Buri
  • 3–5 March: Boon Pawet merit-making fair in Roi-et
  • 4–5 March: ASEAN Barred Ground Dove festival in Yala
  • 11–15 March: International Kite Festival in Cha-am
  • 14–15 March: Thailand Kite Festival at Sanam Luang in Bangkok

If you have any stories about these and other Thailand festivals, then please send us an email. We will then publish your story with pictures in the Guest Writer section.

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