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Pratunam’s Biggest Mafia Man Surrenders

After police busted a huge illegal casino in Bangkok’s Makkasan (Pratunam) area in which more than 250 gamblers were caught and 15 million baht was seized, police ‘point the finger’ at reknowned and previously self-confessed gangster /mafia boss Mr Phichit Thammarotphinit (Alias: Por Pratunam).


Mr Phichit surrended to Pol Gen Seriphisut but said that he had nothing whatsoever to with the illegal activity in what has been rated, by intelligence reports, as “Bangkok’s Biggest Underground Casino”. Mr Phichit or ‘Por Pratunam’ himself claims that he had just ‘rented his house out’ and had failed to notice any suspicious going-ons!! It is reported that a fierce argument of words erupted between the Pol Gen and the supposed – mafia boss.

Displeased at the lack of respect shown by ‘Por Pratunam’ the Pol Gen ordered police to raid his permanent residence on Rachaprarop Road, Makkasan. The police were amazed to find a massive collection of 50 auto-mobiles belonging to Mr Phichit.

PM Thaksin who was at Chiang Mai’s Night Safari at the time was angered by the action of the Pol Gen and said that the powerful police officer had no right to trespass upon Mr Phichit’s private property. Investigation is under way into why the Pol Gen thought he could just take the law into his own hands without gaining a ‘court order’ first.

Anyway, under a go ahead issued by The Minister of Justice all of Mr Phichit’s assets which have been acquired since 2004, have been seized temporarily. Mr Phichit will have to prove in court that all the assets seized were begot, by him, legitimately.

Investigation is also under way into whether influential police officers were involved in the illegal casino!

The Pol Gen has admitted that the process of compiling evidence against ‘Por Pratunam’ has been a very time consuming one. Actual prosecution of such influential figures involved in illgal activities such as ‘casinos’ is not an easy task!

‘Por Pratunam’ once (and may be still is) one of the capital’s most influential mafia bosses. ‘Por Pratunam’ admits to his once ‘legendary status’ as an untouchable gangster/mafia figure above all law and order. It was only after the shooting and killing of one of the century’s most dangerous and influential mafia bosses…… Mr Klaew Thanikun – a couple of decades ago that ‘Por Pratunam’ decided to disengage from publicizing the extent of his activities.

Not surprisingly, ‘Por Pratunam’ has been released pending further investigation!

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