My recent vacation

Ok..we just got back from Thailand after spent 3 weeks over the X’mas and new year. Guess what?, we chose to stayed at some condo in Jomtien beach area for entire 3 weeks, and never once set foot in Pattaya! We had booked the condo over the internet a few month before with the taxi pick-up service of $1200 from the airport. Our flight was supposed to land around 11:00pm but didn’t actually land until 2:00am! Our driver’s pretty cool about it. we went and slept pretty much the whole trip to Jomtien beach. We had so much fun over there! You’ll be amazed at what we did during our time there….which’s nothing much!

First – our condo’s very nice and in the super location. We’d decided not to book a hotel room because it’s much more expensive during the high season, and we found out that our condo’s much much better than some 4 stars hotel rooms and we’re paying only $18 a night. So you guys, next time during the trip…book a condo room instead. It’s much cheaper! Anyway our routine is like this. We would walk out 5 min. to catch the 10B songtheaw to our favorite breakfast place – Lotus foodcourt for breakfast…then walk around for a few hours within the vicinity…then catch a songtheaw back to Jomtien beach for the same 10b and have our lunch there…then back to our room for 3-4 hours…then go out again at the night food market for more food hunting (either at Jomtien beach or the one next to Theprasit rd.) We did this routine for entire 3 weeks. Can you believe that? The night market next to Theprasit road’s quite big during weeknights, and 4 times bigger during weekends. We probably tried every foods at every stalls inside Lotus foodcourt and at those 2 night markets as well! Man oh man…thai foods are very yummy!

Anyway the second reason – as why we had to be in Thailand’s that I have to renew my thai-ID card after 23 years absent. In order to do this I have to go to Bang-Kapi city hall in BKK, and what a hassle that was. It’s about 2 hrs from Jomtien beach to go to the Ampur Bangkapi, this’s where my tabiean-baan is. Luckyly my aunt and uncle came all the way from BangKapi to pick me&my hubby up and sent us back too. I was so nervous and not sure whether they would let me do this or not, because as of now I can only speak and write thai about 75%. I’d gone to the US to study since high school and then on to university and all these times didn’t use any thai at all, but since I have such a nice uncle and aunt who did filled out everything for me!

Then the official asked me whether I’m married or not and wished to change to the new married lastname. So I asked her, if it would be better to change it? Then she said better not… since my husband is an American, it’ll be less hassle when I’m trying to buy some properties over here later on, even though the current law allows me to…but the law can change at any time! So that’s that…I got to keep my old last name…it’s kind of famous lastname anyway! At the same time I told her that I would like to change my first name also and I wanted to be “Teresia” – because this is the name I’m using in the US. But the lady official told me I can’t use this because it doesn’t have any meaning in thai and according to 1998 law all thais must have thai names….and here is the book….just look through it and pick one or go to the monk asking for one. Well I don’t have time to go to see any monks, so all four of us (me, hubby, aunt, uncle) looked through the book given for just about 15 min., then came up with the name “Nisha”. We all agreed it’s very pretty and means “smart & pure”. So my new first name will be “Nisha” to use in Thailand.

Then came the hard part – the id making, this’s the most difficult of all, I had to fill out some paper works and in thai too, because they just want to make sure I can still write in thai , before they would renew my Thai-ID card, and with the penalty fee of 300b + 25b id’s fee. I filled out most of the blank spaces, but not all, and they said ok..fine. So after all these years I finally have my new id card with the new firstname!

So now I have it
In the US , my name is…..Teresia + old thai name + married lastname
…now I have to change asap to …..Teresia + Nisha + same married lastname

But in Thailand….I will be known as……Nisha Sankavadana

I know it’s a bit confusing!

In addition, I also made the new biometric thai passport right away to match with the new name. The process was simple : waiting time – 1hr and after that, only 10 min of making it – at Central dept. – Bangna branch.

I’m so happy that everything had gone smoothly and now looking forward to buy a piece of land for our future retirement home in BangSare – Chonburi.

In the next article I will be writing about our house and land hunting experiences in BangSare, with pictures. BangSare is the seaside town between Jomtien beach and Sattahip, Chonburi.

Thanks for reading my story

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  1. Vikram Kanpoori

    Hi Nisha, what I meant was the “Origin” of that word was from ancient Hinduism. And if you take Thai ancient history culture ‘N’ traditions they are nothing but from Hinduism itself. ‘Nisha’ means ‘NIGHT’. But anyway it doesnt matter what ever it means or not. As such nice or bad meanings are what we humans gave to the words which we all had created from time to time… Infact ‘NISHA’ is one of my favourute liking names for an female… keep writing such nice blogs….

  2. Nice blog Nisha, I enjoyed it very much. Good luck with your future housebuilding in Chonburi 🙂

  3. Vikram Kanpoori

    Nice choosen name ‘NISHA’. And a nice blog too. The Origin of this name comes from Hindu ( Hindustan – Ancient India ) and its meaning is different as per Hindu than from what you had mentioned it above. Maybe you can google it and find it by yourself.

  4. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my story. Yes, I certainly will be back for the next article…still composing it.
    As for Vikram: The Hindu meaning doesn’t seem as nice as the thai’s meaning. I swear that they were the meanings in the book that the local thai official given to me.

  5. Yes I stayed in Jomtien on my last holiday in Thailand, better than the crowds at Pattaya

  6. Please keep us informed of your house-hunting. I, too, am a Thai woman who has been living in the US for the past 29 years and would also like to move back to Thailand after retirement. My husband was from Chonburi so we would look around there, too.

  7. Welcome to Thai-Blogs, P’Nisha! Hahah! I’ve done the same thing. All my records in the country has me down as still Ms. Phromyothi, not Mrs. Boren. 🙂 Although, I’d have to change that on my passport when I get back over there so it’ll match my green card.

    Indeed, I can change my name on my passport at the consulate in the US, and technically I have to come home to change it here. But who cares about the technicality, right? 😉

    BTW – Enjoying my time in BKK now myself. Will be back on US soil on Friday. So soon!

  8. Hi OakM. I hope you’re having bunches of fun there and wishing I’m still there!…sigh

    For me, I don’t have a greencard only the US passport. I always use my american passport whenever I’m traveling in and out Thailand and Europe.
    So whatever name I have in my recent new thai passport, it doesn’t matter or important for now. Hmm…unless when I decided to retire in Thailand permanently this could be the problem in the future?….have to check back with the thai embassy again in a few yrs.

  9. Greetings,

    I am a new member of this site. We moved to Bangkok about 6 months ago from the US. As a Managing Director and Partner of a large US based Aerospace Engineering company, we decided to open a division in Asia and chose Thailand. My wife is Thai, however, she had been in the US since age 7, so this was a homecoming for her as well. We decided before we came that this would be a permanent move for us, as we will never return to live in the US. We did the whole house hunting bit for close to 5 months before settling on a house that is still 2 months away from final completion. I would like to share my experiences with everyone, learn from everyone here, and describe my experience to date in legalizing and setting up a LLC under the Thai America treaty, starting the hiring proces, and all the other things I learned. I look forward to being friends with all of you. It is a really nice website.

  10. Hi Bradford, and welcome to the site
    We’re planning to move to Thailand in a few years and would like to open the construction company there and always wanted to know how to set up one up under the American treaty. Since we both owned our own structural engineering firm here in The US for 14 yrs, therefore we would like to be able to use these knowleges and skills also in Thailand but in the construction industry not as in consulting anymore. It will be exciting to hear from you about your experiences in house hunting and setting the company
    Looking forward to read your blog

  11. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.