Wat Sri Rong Muang, Lampang

Sri Rong Muang is a Burmese-style wat in Lampang. I don’t spend as much time as I would like to in wats, although I have visited this one two or three times. Its abbot is an old Burmese man, and I liked the way he grabbed my arm and walked me around.

Here is a photo of an “ancient toilet”, and a Christian church, both on the grounds. And one of the viharn’s amazing roof.

I thought I would start off with Lampang, as that is my Thai “hometown”. That is, it was the first place in Thailand that I stayed for any length of time (3 months, in fact). During this time, I walked around town a lot and took photos of buildings. The idea was to build a website about the wooden houses in Lampang.

I left Lampang suddenly and have not been back since. But I want to go back soon. There are some wonderful Burmese-style wats, beautiful old teak buildings, and fantastic food. And for some reason I never even made it to Wat Phra That Lampang Luang, which is something I definitely need to address.



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  1. Thanks for sharing your photos. I looked at them before I read your report and I was going to ask you if that first one was an “outhouse”. Must be the most elaborate toilet I have ever seen! Did you test it out?

    I did stop in Lampang a few years back. I only visited one temple and took a picture of the famous horse and carriage. I didn’t have long as I was on my way to Chiang Mai. It sounds like that there is a lot of interest in that town. Is it worth spending the night there? I might head up to that area during the summer holidays this year.

  2. Definetly worth a prolonged visit Richard.

    Sadly or fortunately – whichever way you wish to look at it, 99% of the foreign tourists skip by Lampang heading to the already saturated province of Chiang Mai.

    Lampang’s provincial town was once home to Britain’s major Teak companies and there is still a bit of nostalgia around.

    And as mentioned in the blog, there is a heavy Burmese influence too in town.

    Lampang’s countryside is as nice as you will find anywhere in Thailand. I also find the people of Lampang to be more open in comparison to the usual ‘conservativeness’ of Thailand’s northerners.

    Besides just its most popular dish ‘Chili Paste Young Man’ (Nam Prik Noom) the pork crackling (khep moo) is the best in the country.

    Places worth visiting outside the main town is the Elephant Conservation Center, the only center of its sort in Thailand. Then there is Jae Sorn Waterfall which is supposed to be one of the most beautiful of waterfalls in Thailand.

    Visit Lampang – ive always liked the place a lot!

  3. Richard -I just want to echo what Steve says about
    Lampang and also recommend the more laid back and historical Lamphun, which is only 26km and a world away from perhaps over-busy Chiang Mai.

  4. Netchanok A.Shaw

    Dear Khun Richard,
    My nick name is Nok, and my first name is Netchanok. I am a spa owner in Lampang and it is a new spa for only 7 months (2006). I like your topics and pay more attention in visiting Thailand than a normal tourist.
    My spa name is “Nera Spaya”. Nera means water and Spaya means the total of happiness. These two words are not Thai language, they are Sansakrit.
    My spa is located near Wat Srichoom, another wellknown Burmese Wat in Thailand.
    Thank you very much to put my home town “Lampang” worth of your visit.