Laid Back Bangkok

I’ve back in New York for awhile now and the longer I am here the more I miss the simplicity of Bangkok. Let me explain simplicity. On those days when I was in Bangkok and not on assignment, I loved how Bangkok, an Asian cosmoplitian city, still has a laid back slow vibe. It comes from the people I suppose, but even things like business meetings seem informal and long; more leisure than professional in some aspects. I can remember how it can be mid-day and in the sois around my apartment building would be quiet. Main roads aside like Phaolyothin and Sukumvit and Silom, the side streets would be calm. Now I’ve been a city boy all my life, living in NYC and a few months in London and Paris, I’ve never strayed far from cities, trees scare me lol, Bangkok seemss less chaotic. (not the traffic). In Manhattan with the exception of the Village, everyone here seems rushed and always on the go, but in Bangkok not so. I love the “mai pen rai” attitude of people there the live and let live mentality that puts Thai’s acceptence of everything way ahead of liberal NY. And that is what seperates Thailand from other parts of the world.

I’ll be honest what I miss most is sitting alone in Bangkok. Watching the world unravel before my eyes. I miss the nights in Bangkok where it becomes a neon heaven and the nightlife reinvents the city, good or bad. So I have a question for the readers and bloggers of this site what’s your favorite memory of Thailand? Whats your favorite place and why? Thats a fair question I think. The longer I stay in NY now the more I am realizing I will be splitting my time between here and BKK. There’s just something magical about the Land of Smiles. I guess I’m just trying out figure out what it is….

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