Whose hand was that!?

Do you believe in ghost or demons? If not, read this article, then you might want to change your attitude about it. (If so, still gotta read! :p)

“Late late late!! Again, again and AGAIN!!” I sighed and complained when I finally got to my seat in my class at school.
“Hey! You do not wanna know what had just happened to me this whole morning..! But nevermind, I’m gonna tell no matter what, ” still complained to my friend next to me, Peung.
“This morning, I woke up real early but you know what? my mum forgot to cook the rice!! I left home late and once again, the bus I took was gone out of order.. Wait for me to grow up a little more, and I’ll change all the buses to be extremly brand-new so that they don’t suddenly stop in the middle of the streets ever again!”

I was being such a talkative girl that day that I ignored to check out my friend if she was listening or reacting anything. However, it’s not the ghost who broke the bus. Right, it doesn’t reach the demon part yet until…

“Bow…, ” Peung finally replied back something.
“Yea?” I turned my head to see her face for the first time after a long alone-talk.
“What happened? You O.K??!?” I saw her face went a little pale.
“Um… this morning … when I woke up..the hand.. I’m scared..,” she tried hard to say something but it didn’t make sense.
“Ey! Listen!! Focus and tell me what is wrong then I’ll know how I can help you, girl!”
“Ok….(she then took a deep breath)… I remember last night I wore pants to bed and slept deeply all night. But in the morning, I found out when I was about to take a shower that there was a mark on the top of my leg.”
“What mark do you mean?” I quickly asked.
“A mark of a hand.”
“It was a hand. There were five fingers and it was red on my leg.. could be seen so clearly.”
“It looks like somebody pressed the whole hand hard on my leg..it’s so clear”
“Did your mum try to wake you up but you didn’t want to wake up? Maybe she slapped you hard :p” I tried to joke.
“No! Look…” Then Peung pressed her hand hard on my arm..real hard ~ squeezed around my arm.. and let go at last.
I could see a mark of three fingers of hers for jest a few seconds and they were gone right away.

I understood what she tried to tell me then that it’s impossible for a human to make such a clear mark on another person’s skin. That evening, I came home and tried to press my fingers everywhere on my skin harder and harder. There were still no marks that could last more than 4 seconds. But how did that happen?!?

The next morning was the key of the whole story. Peung asked her mother (who is so interested in mysterious things science can’t solve) and she said something about ‘Pret’, the very tall demon with very small needle-like mouth from hell. Well, there are a lot of beliefs about Pret asking for merit from people who still live. Everytime we give food to monks, we have to pour water slowly on the ground, in the bowl or somewhere to share merits with our relatives who died and those stray ghosts, too. If we don’t, prets may come to ask for merit from us. That’s what we believe. And this story, too ~ if there’s a hand on you after you wake up, that means someone came to you the night before and that one wants something from you.

Don’t know if my friend was just kidding me or not but it’s really something we believe. And it makes sense when we start thinking hard about it. Isn’t it time for us to start thinking good, making good and sharing good with others? Or else… an unknown hand can appear on the front of your leg next time you wake up!

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