Pad Thai in an Omelet

During the week, I usually have a school lunch or sometimes, if I feel like something different, I go and eat at home. However, today “Yeows” from the forums came to visit us at the school. So, for lunch I took him down to Paknam Market to have something to eat. (He was too late for school lunch which was gaeng som.) We ended up in a small air-conditioned restaurant called Steak Spy in a small Soi near Wat Pichai. There were a few intriguing items on the menu including this one I just couldn’t resist ordering. It is pad thai wrapped inside an omelet! In Thai it is called pad thai kai hor ( ผัดไทยไข่ห่อ ) Wow! It was so good and such a surprise. You don’t see this often. Though I have had omelet on top of a bowl of egg noodle soup before. I will certainly be visiting this restaurant again.

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