Old Patong Early 80’s: Eden Encountered

These photos show all but the extreme northern end of the cape of Patong Bay. This is how things looked in 79…notice, there are very few building that show up thru the coconut groves along the beach. Click here for a bigger picture.

Old Patong in the early 80’s was little more than a sleeply coconut grove on the most perfect horseshoe shaped bay on earth!

The paved road then ended just west of little Kathu town, the big hills climbing and falling towards the blue Anadaman Sea.

The only electricity were the few generators at the even few bungalow compounds and the big Patong Beach Hotel, the only place on Patong Beach with airconditioning, hot water and screens on the windows to block the mozzies.

The rumor had it then that there was a law which no structure could be built higher than a Coconut tree!

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