Bringing My Thai Girlfriend To America

Do you realize how incredibly hard is such a task is this? America, post 9-11, is unbelievably stringent on many things. It is the typical way of the United States. We are always a bit behind in our endevours, but what we lack in response, we make up for with fervor and spirit!

Anyways, I’m not writing to make a knock on my country. I am just writing to talk about what I went through to bring my Thai girlfriend (now wife) from Bangkok to the home of the best NFL team in known history…Seattle, Washington. (yes..I am referring to the very best SEATTLE SEAHAWKS!!!!!). Okay, I admit I am already off base; but hell… I am very proud of my team!!

So…I was in Thailand in November of 2003. This was my third trip to Thailand and the second such trip on my own. I had decided that I was going to forget all about Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Samet, Koh Phi Phi, and Phuket. No……nay….I was headed for Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai..and then Laos…so…I…thought..

Long story short..I ended up meeting Pon on my second day in Thailand (at the airport headed for Chiang Rai) and I was immediately under her spell. We spent the rest of the month together and then I flew back to the US; with a promise that I would return for her. Upon arriving in the US; I did all of the necessary paperwork, and then I flew back to Thailand to go to Pon’s embassy appointment five months later (pretty important for you potential American suitors of Thai ladies).

Okay, so the meeting went well and Pon was granted the visa. I had already bought her one-way plane ticket from BKK to SEA (I was confident); and we passed through customs with no problems. Once we arrived in the US, we have had to go back to the DHS (dept. of homeland of security) on two occasions (once for fingerprinting), but that went by pretty quick.

Anyways..things went very very smoothly. She got her green card within three weeks of her last appointment, and then we got her a Social Security Number so she can work. If anyone needs a hand with with this process, I would be more than glad to lend a hand free of charge.

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