My Own Top Three Thai Blogs

A beautiful sunset on the holiday island of Koh Samet

Living upcountry in Thailand, X’mas was just another day and I didn’t indulge in any merry festivities, which anyway, were not…..happening around town. In fact, I think the closest I got to a feel of X’mas was being served by a couple of naughty looking Beer Singha Promotion girls dressed-up in some short kinky Santa Clause outfit at the Beer Garden just down the road.

The Thais may not exactly celebrate X’mas that much, but New Year (1st Jan) is another splendid time of the year for the locals to throw a wild party. Great country this is, Thailand! Just import lots of other national holidays and celebrate them too! Halloween? Valentines? X’mas? Chinese New Year? Bring them all in, wonderful excuse to have a mad party, get drunk and gamble on cards every month! And you wonder why I don’t go back to England!

The response so far to my own top ten has been pretty decent and I’m delighted that some of the readers have taken time and wandered back to look at some of me older stuff. So here it is, my own final… top three blogs of the year:

3) Thai Ladyboys

And I am not joking! You be may wondering how I had the darned nerve to stick this in the top three – well that’s pretty easy to answer. A lotta unique viewers get through to thai-blogs every day through search engines and definitely Google. If you thought that key-words for finding ‘stevesuphan’s blogs’ were in the form of ‘Teaching in Thailand’, ‘Getting Married in Thailand’ or ‘Saucy Thai singers’ then I am afraid to inform you – NO! You would be amazed to the amount of readers we get coming here everyday looking for info on ‘Thai Ladyboys’.

Search phrases along the lines of ‘Ladyboy’ probably outrank even those other two hits of mine along the lines of ‘Dos and Don’t’s/ Thailand’ and ‘Thai girls’. On top of this, a myriad of readers latched on to this blog of mine and sent it whizzing around to other blogsites. It was the first ‘actual proper’ blog of mine that really punched readership power. Love it or hate it, it tells a variety of witty stories about the one and only…..Thai Ladyboy. Even a couple of serious points were mentioned too, to even things up. I think the blog offers good insight for newbie foreigners interested in Thai Ladyboys. It is a fun blog and not to be taken seriously!

2) Down and out……in Cambodia

This blog told of the horrifying ghastly saga of an extremely hunfortunate Hungarian going by the name of….Mr Tammas. From just needing to pop over the Cambodian border to renew his Thai visa, the poor fellow very soon had his passport, credit cards and cash stolen by a heartless razor-sharp thief. Money and passportless, Mr Tammas is soon stuck behind bars in a Khmer cell with a thousand cockroaches and smelly inmates for company. Finally arriving in Phnom Penh, he was bitterly aghast at the lack of diplomatic relations with the former east-bloc country and left to clean the floors and make ghoulash at one of the capital’s lousiest guesthouses.

Now, how the heck did this shortish blog managed to reach number two in a list of 50+ blogs? The answer? – word of mouth. Just a few weeks after that blog I went and joined up with a few of the ex-pat community here in Suphanburi only to here the likes of “Hey man, that was one gruesome story about that Hungarian guy, our Dutch friend had to go to Poipet for his visa run yesterday and was petrified!”. Geez, the sunfortunate saga of Mr Tammas had spread! Another Farang from Angthong had given all his Farang buddies in that province the awful lowdown on the fate of Mr Tammas! And if that wasn’t enough, I was at my favourite bar/restaurant ‘DDM2’, a Korean gaff located near the National Gallery one day and bumped into an English backpacker who had read a couple of my blogs. The backpacker asked “Do you know whatever happened to that hunfortunate Hungarian who had his passport nicked in Cambodia?” He went on to tell me that he had spread the story like wildfire at the beach resort he was staying at in Koh Phang-ngan! How many others spread the story story of the hapless Hungarian….i just do not know

Of course, Mr Tammas – never existed, I completely made the story up.

Having lived in Cambodia, I heard a variety of different stories about – being banged up in a Khmer cell, lack of diplomatic relationship, passports stolen and corrupt officials. And too right, there was a down-and-out Bahtless Farang working as a cleaner, tout and cook at this guesthouse I was staying at for a while! Stevesuphan’s nastiest wind-up of the year and fortunately….the only one!

1) Dos and don’ts of dating…. a ‘proper’ Thai girl

Without a doubt my top blog of the year. It didn’t just lead me to blogging for thai-blogs in the first place but it set a precendent for future Dos and Don’ts/Thailand blogs. Even though the blog never did make the main page here at thai-blogs, it caught the attention of various other bloggers who thought the blog was decent enough for them to post themselves. Permission sought or not. Due to referers, the blog still brings in unique visitors til this day. At the forums here, it also ended up as one of the most popular threads of the year.

The response to this blog from folks around the world and especially Thai readers was postively and completely unexpected. Received a host of comments and even e-mails from Thai girls and some Farang guys thanking me for the advice and my appreciation of ‘proper’ Thai girls. Ironically, the only negative feedback I got was from a couple of Farang guys who informed me to the likes of…“I don’t need your advice on how to date a Thai girl, if she doesn’t like me for who I am then she can bugger off!” In fact a lot of the support for this blog from Thai girls read exactly like……this kind of attitude.

‘Dos and don’ts of dating a Farang Guy’ is also one of my most read blogs, and is a witty but slightly serious insight into how us Farang men are seen through the eyes of a Thai girl. Not just Farang-bashing, I served up a bit of revenge in ‘Dos and don’ts for Thais going to Farangland’

Sees yous all soon after the hols….


11 responses to “My Own Top Three Thai Blogs

  1. Ha! Steve, I have to admit, you fooled me with your Cambodian story! Now you’ve got me feel like a hapless noob, lol. However, I actually do know of a true story about Hungarian who got the rough treatment in Burma (Mae Sai-Tachilek). 😉

    It’s surprising how quickly your made-up story turned into a sort of backpacker myth. The Mekong Naga story with the fake pic must’ve been started out the same way. Is it really so easy to fool the masses? Maybe I should come up with a similar prank of my own, one day… 😀

    I enjoyed your blogs, especially those Do’s and Don’ts – no surprise that one of them made it to the top. You’ve done a great job teaching and entertaining us with these stories. Keep it up, Steve! 🙂

    Happy New Year,


  2. As usual, well done Stevesuphan.

  3. Do’s and dont’s for dating with a ‘proper’ thai girl is definitely not your top blog….

    …. because it was written in 2004. LOLz. Sorry for being such a nerd at such a fine person like you!!

  4. Thanks Steve for giving us such a wonderful year of blogs. I am sure many people agree with me when I say how much I am looking forward to another year of your witty, yet informative blogs.

  5. Written in 2004, sure!

    This is my own one year of writing for thai-blogs! Lol……..

    Sorry…..the categories title ‘2005’ is misleading! Anyway i cheated a bit with the backdating for that blog as i in fact posted it early January 2005. If you dont believe me then ask the webmaster!

    15 Dec for Dos and donts thai girl was the date i originally posted it at the forums and was the date i actually wrote it………

    Personally, i dont think its my best blog…..far from it, needs more editing for sure., but decided against it after the response.

    Anyway, thanks to the likes of Trangam and Richard S here for the year round comments.

    Taking a week off for a hard-earned break. And not off to Ms Su’s hometown…..Lol…. time for a party…

  6. I was just showing off… sorry.

    2004 or 2005, I think your blogs are really timeless here!

    I keep thinking how much effort you must put in or you must be quite a maverick to pull together so many events and thoughts making every blog so much fun and rich in content.

  7. Steve,

    Congratulations on a fine year of blogging and for giving us some truly entertaining reads.

    Scanning your top ten list, I’m particularly glad to see two inclusions – “How to Write a Thai Soap Opera” and “Down and out in Cambodia.”

    The former because it was well done and an unpredicted turn – though I had heard some entertaining soap opera tales from you in the past.

    And the latter because, well, everybody likes a good story. Even one that’s a composite result of hearsay and a memorable night of drinking Beer Changs and trying to come up with the saddest of sad sap in Southeast Asia stories.

    Here’s to eventually seeing your unique perspective on this fine country compiled in book form, but in the meantime, keep these entertaining and insightful tales and bits of advice coming!


  8. On your hapless Hungarian story, I just had to hop over to that blog to see if you wrote it on April Fool’s Day (nope).

    Still, great story! And, judging by the worried comments there, you’ve rendered an admirably good service to the 30-day visa-run crowd (or backpacker gang). I bet every reader now holds their passport in their hand and keeps a 1,000-baht note in their underwear! I will–because I can’t even make goulash.

  9. Happy New Year! 🙂
    Love reading ur blog. Wishing for more stories and insights in the year 2006!
    Good wealth and good health to u and ur family.

  10. Mr. Steve:

    I’d love some information on a school in Suphanburi which my girlfriend in thailand studied at, written ‘Kanchanaphisek Wittayalai Suphanburi’ . i looked on search engine for some details but didnt find any in English. do you have a link, she told me it is a boys school – is it normal for a girl to study at a boys school in Thailand? Very strange, i find it hard to believe her.

    Yours, Dean Noble

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