Thai Superstitions

Monks learning the scriptures at school

Here are some more superstitions from Thailand:

(1) Do you use a spoon to scrape the rice out of a rice cooker. Because it will make you poor.
(2) Do not use a broken plate or bowl because the people in your family will argue often.
(3) Do not keep buried bowls or pots that you found because it will bring you and your family.
(4) Do not put an amulet in your trouser pocket because it is a sin and it will make it less sacred.
(5) Do not point a weapon at people because a ghost might push you and someone will get hurt.
(6) Do not wear your clothes inside out because a ghost will haunt you.
(7) Do not wear red clothes at night because something evil will explode from your stomach.
(8) Do not spit when it is windy because it will make your mouth crooked.
(9) Do not wring out baby clothes when it is wet because the baby will be naughty and won’t be able to sleep.
(10) Do not let a big jar run out of water because you will run out of food.
(11) Do not run out of rice because something will happen to you and your family.
(12) Do not grow a banana tree during Buddhist lent because it won’t have any fruit.
(13) Do not grow a big tree near the house because bad things will come to your household.
(14) Do not build a house on top of a dried up stream because this is a footpath for ghosts.
(15) Do not whistle inside the house because you will invite a ghost inside.

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