My Own Top 10 Thai Blogs (4-6)

The Heroes of Bangrajan

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been suffering from an awful cold for the past few days brought on by the hellish freezing cold weather. So cold in Suphanburi that half me students have been coming to class wearing a Liverpool scarf, gloves and a big wooly miner’s hat. A couple of days back the temperature dropped to 14c shockingly low for the central plains! I always say, as a foreigner, you know when you have been in Thailand too long when you find yourself waddling around complaining to the likes of “Darned cold weather!”

Over the past year thai-blogs has certainly been through a few ups and downs and witnessed the coming and going of many a blogger who finally fled the scene never to be heard of again! What I do know is that a couple of bloggers did feel rather pished at the lack of comments posted. But geez, I felt a bit the same way here when I first starting blogging. Stuck up that massive pretty confidential ‘Working Undercover’ blog and got one darned comment (at that time)! And, even that was posted by the Webmaster. So, for any budding newbie blogger – don’t be distracted by any lack of comments. Just believe in what the Webmaster has to say on this matter, and that is “Don’t worry about it, your blogs are being read”

So, for the second part of this mini series here are the next three:

6) Gimme A Break Part One

Not only one of my own personal favourites, this was the blog that set the trend of delving into a treasure trove of quack-wack stories from Thailand’s newspapers about quack-wack criminals with an IQ count of a beaver. Not one for just bashing Thai folks, the unwanted scummy foreign elements also got a hiding in part two. Personally, even though the blog holds some of the wackiest stuff to hit the media over the years the pitiful blog graces an….astonishing – ONE comment! The story of ‘Ai Dum’ the ferocious beast of ‘Taling Chan’ which terrified the capital, made national headlines for weeks on end and even secured the intervention of the Prime Minister at that time. Personally, the story of ‘Ai Dum’ is my all time favourite and an absolute classic case of a complete national balls-up. Have a look. Other stories on that blog including the naughty goings-on of the nation’s monks, govt lottery players and boys-in-power set a precendent for future blogs. Part Three will be out next year.

5) How To…..Write A Thai Soap Opera

Sure, i had to post at least one recent blog in this top-ten and after a bitta consideration i chose this one. Even though i’ve acted as a main character in a few of the country’s soapies, i’m thankfully NOT a big fan. I just sat down one night and thought “What about writing a blog on Thai Soap Operas?” i surprised myself with this one and was pleased with the result. I think it is one of my better blogs as, as one commenteer posted – something along the lines of…. “I haven’t read anything like this before”. The blog is not only a complete pish-take of Thai Soap Operas in general but it is also serious in its own way. I wanted it to explain the sometimes quite blatant stereotype of different classes and regions of people within Thai society itself. Soap Operas anywhere have a deep influence on how people think and especially Thailand. ‘How To Write a Thai Soap Opera’ snatches number five, one – for ‘originalities’ sake and two – ‘it’s one of my favourites’.

4) Learn 300 words of Thai in 5 Minutes!

Without a doubt, ‘Learning 300 words of Thai in 5 minutes’ was the most time-consuming and brain-wracking blog i posted this year. I ended up spending 2-3 days endlessly grating my brains thinking of imported English words used within Thai language. Then on top of that, i chose to differentiate all this vocabulary and break it up into three sections. Quite a task, but the result in my opinion, was better than anything else i have seen written on this subject, and im not one for usually complimenting myself. In fact, my biggest critic is myself, im rarely satisfied with my own blogs. Cause of refers, this blog ended up to be one of my most viewed blogs helping to bring in a whole load of newbie readers. My other blog on learning Thai was ‘Farang Speak Thai’ which, according to my journalist blogging buddy – The BKKInkslinger, perhaps the best stevesuphan blog of the year – with ‘How To Write a Thai Soap Opera’ running a close second.

Will be back very soon with my own Top Three.


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