Christmas in Thailand

There is one thing about Thai people and that is they love to celebrate. It doesn’t matter if the festival originated in a different country (like Halloween) or that it comes from a completely different religion (like Christian). Give them a good excuse to have fun and they will celebrate just about anything! At our school, 99% of the students are Buddhists. There are a handful of Muslim children and probably one if not two students are Christian. Or at least their fathers are. In Thailand, Christmas isn’t a public holiday. However, many of the youngsters enjoy celebrating the “fun” side of the festive season. To them, Christmas means, Santa Claus, little angels, Christmas carols and folk dancing. That is what happened at our school today. As the students arrived at school, they were greeted by Santa Claus and some little angels who were handing out candy. Then, during assembly, the students were entertained with Christmas carols (the kindergarten students sang “Away in the Manger” ) and some folk dancing. Then they sang “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” and finally “Jingle Bells” in both English and Thai. At this time of year, people are giving each other cards and presents, but this is mainly connected to the New Year holiday which is just around the corner. Only Christian families will give each other presents on Christmas Day. The meaning of this day is not completely lost on the students. In their lessons they were taught about the story of Jesus. Unlike other countries, Thailand is very tolerant of other religions.

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  1. That’s so cool and so very Thai that they love to celebrate the fun stuff in Christmas and not the craziness of shopping, how much you spend on someone and what you get and what not.

    I printed several copies of your blog to pass out around the office. I want all my co-workers to read it before we all leave early today for the Holiday weekend. I also put a copy up on my wall for anyone to walk by and see. I think it’s great to show how much Thais love the fun in Christmas just as we all should, thanks Richard!


  2. I think it is a little too broad to make a blanket statement that ” Thailand is very tolerant of other religions”. There are certainly some Muslims in the south who would disagree with that statement.

  3. woooooow

  4. Thailand IS tolerant of other religions. Belong to any old supermarket sect and the authorities in charge will allow you to pay your respects and spread your beliefs to others.

    The problems down south gather from the decades old problem of corrupt government officials abusing their powers. The catchphrase ‘anti-muslim’ which has sufficed down south is just a fad after some of the quack-wack fanatics have watched just one too many Osama Bin Laden interview.

    I can both sides of the coin in regards to the south…..but Thais are tolerant of other religions.

  5. In Ang Thong where I stay when I am in the LOS there us very little if any evidence that
    Christmas is any different than any other day……..I find that refreshing after having experiencing the commercialism of Chritmas most of my life………The true meaning of Christmas should be year round………regardless of religious affiliation

  6. Don’t forget the ‘beautiful’ blue Christmas tree that seems to be a lot more popular than classic green trees.

    I wonder why the Thai people prefer blue, red, yellow, white, etc. Christmas trees?

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  8. I think most countries ( non-Christian ) do celebrate Christmas in a commercial rather than religious way. Even malls in Arab countries are decorated with Christmas theme during the celebration.

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  10. i think that the pictures are beutiful and i wish my family that live in thailand have a good time.

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    Thailand is predominately a Buddhist country and a minority of the population only practices Christianity. However, you should not feel less. Thai people also celebrate Christmas, so that none can hurt. So you can celebrate Christmas with following ways.
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