Siamese Cats Club

Driving to Amphawa District , you will find “Baan of Siamese Cats”. This place is very interesting for cat-lover especially Siamese Cat.

We had a chance to visit Siamese Cat Club where also locates in Samutsongkram province. The fee depends on your donation for cat food. Mr. Preecha Pookkhabutr is the owner is the cat-lover and he is the founder of the Siamese Cat Society. He will be your host and educate you about Siamese Cats. There are more than 80 cats for you to explore but you have to stand with the unpleasant smell.

He educated us about the significant characteristics of various types of Siamese cats. His inspiration is educating people to know about Siamese cats such as “Vichienmas Cat”, which most of Thai people call it as “Bluish Gary Cat” or “The nine-point cat”, which impact the information about Siamese cats. He thinks people should be educated about the proper names of these cats.

There are 23 species of Siamese cats: 6 are unlucky cats which traditional Thai people recorded on the leaf of Urticaceae, which indicates that those unlucky cats should be release and forbidden to have them as pet; 17 types of cat are lucky cat, which their origin are from Ayudhaya Era such as “Vichienmas”, “Nilrat”, “Wilas”, “Supaluck”, “Khaow Manee”, “Kon Ja”, “Karawek” and so on. At present, there are only 5 of them left to see i.e. “Vichienmas”, “Supaluck”, “Kon Ja”, “Korat Cat” and Khaow Manee”.

Thai belief on lucky cat is Traditional Thai prefer to raise these 17 types of lucky cats so that they will support the owner’s progression – career, famous and financial status. Most of the owners were the noblemen who aimed to get higher rank in government hierarchy. In ancient time, there was no any civil/ people to have an opportunity to raise these cats owing to the very expensive price and very rare to find. Thus, most of the 17-lucky cats were raised only inside palace.

The reason of extinction of Siamese cats began on BE. 2310 since Burma attacked Siam in second time. Burmese knew that the price of the cats were very expensive so they took the cats with them to Burma. However, cats’ nature is “home-lover” so the cats tried to get back to their homeland but it is very long distant to get back and finally they died and extinct.

The significant feature of “Vichienmas” cat (Seal Point) –having bright blue eyes, cream color and will be more intense when the cat grows. It is very famous among cat-lovers. It costs approximately 5,000-6,000 baht.

The original source of Korat Cat or Bluish Gray Cay is Korat or Nakorn Ratchasima province. Traditional Thai prefer to use this kind of cat for the raining begging ceremony. People believe that Korat Cat will bring lucks to the cat’s owner. Korat cat’s features are greenish eyes and color of its hair is cloud-like color.

Konja Cat of Black Cat, it will have no any white color on it. It has yellow eyes, which look like a color of blooming lotus

If you want more information about Siamese Cats, please do not hesitate to visit Uncle Preecha at Amphawa District or call him at + (66) 034 733 284 everyday.

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