Solo Trip Home

Well folks, I will be home this February after all. From Feb. 1 – Feb 10, you may spot the OakMonster roaming the streets of the Big Mango sans her husband.

Bangkok ladies, hide your boyfriends!

Just kidding.

This is an unexpected trip. I wasn’t planning on coming home for my oldest brother’s wedding originally, but something came up and I just have to come home for a while. It’s going to be one bittersweet trip home. I’d rather not discuss the details here but if you’d mosey over to my personal blog and go back a few weeks, you’ll find out why.

So, anyways. I’d be mainly bound to the City as far as the SkyTrain would take me as I’m not as familiar with the city outside my own small parameter of Sukumvit-Pleonchit-Siam Square-Silom circle.

If anyone would like to meet up at some Starschmucks…I meant, Starbucks…or down in Sarasin or over at that beer garden at Central World Plaza for a beer, I’m down with that.

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