Exhibition at Meungthong Thani

December is the best month for the year. Why? Because within this month, it has many public holiday for Thai people such as Father’s Day on December 5, Constitutional Day on December 10, Christmas day and New Year season. We took the chance of having long weekend to travel and relax.

On last weekend we went to see the Motor Expo at Muengthong Thani, which will held on every December. My husband told me that this motor show seems to be somewhat small exhibition when compare with Motor Show in Frankfurt. The reason is the space of the exhibition is approximately 4 halls while the international Motor show will be larger than this. I think Motor show in Thailand focuses on selling vehicles so it is quite good for people who want to buy new cars and for whoever likes to see “Pretty” – pretty girls who promote the products and often wear sexy outfit (I often hear Thai men talk about why they want to go to motor show – to see both of car and girls). It will be disappointed for other who wants to see the new technology in vehicles’ world. Overall, you can have a chance to experience the new model of vehicles from various brands within one day.

Herewith some photos of vehicles in the motor show expo 2005:

Mitsubishi Triton – Newest launch of mitsubishi pick-up car which cost approximately 800 thousand baht. Unfortunately, the elegant orange Triton is only a model.
If you have a chance to look at Triton closer, you may imagine the light as if the two-sad eyes of Triton.

We walked out from the air-condition hall and stepped into the open-air exhibition of vehicle sound. We found a batman car. Look at those doors! Do you agree with us that they look like bat wings?

batman car

Well, this is an creation and invention of Thai. I do not know the name of the shop who creates this car. It is good to have a look at it as if you are watching “Pimp My Ride” on MTV.

However, this trip is not useless because we went to see other exhibition, that is “Made in Thailand” where you can find many products that made in Thailand. I intent to look for a present to give to my senior co-worker but I did not get one for her. This exhibition was very crowded particularly the food booth, which put the emphasis on one significant of Thai’s habit, “eating” habit. Why? The significant evidence of my premise is you can find food or restaurants in every place (almost 24 hours). Moreover, Thai people love free sample so wherever providing the free sample, it always be crowded.

What is the benefit of going to the exhibition? It will collect many shops and products under the theme of exhibition (same as one-stop service) and it is very worthy for us because we won’t have to go to various places to find those products.

The upcoming exhibition is “OTOP” where you can find many Thai things here. What is “OTOP”? It stands for “one Tambol one product”, Tambol means sub-district. It is the campaign created from our Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawattra to support Thai product. It is quite good because it encourages people who live in urban or upcountry to create their product for commerce. What you can get from this exhibition? Absolutely sure, you will have a chance to taste many free sample of Thai food, touch and experience Thai products for the whole country (from north to south and from east to west of Thailand).

If you consider going to “OTOP” exhibition at Meungthong Thani, please prepare your budget well because there are many interesting products to buy. The exhibition starts from December 17, 2005 onward.

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