The Maids Sister Has A Baby…

The party was going strong, the karaoke had us all dancing and the
food was GREAT! Khun Ja & Mrs Ja were laughing and dancing most of
the night, but became quickly stoic when we took this pix! Sanook mak
mak was had by all!

Life in our village was usually slow and meandering.

Nothing moved along too fast, cept a few of the motorcycles, other than that, everything practically crept by.

The fish truck would come by Thursday mornings early. Yelling “plamook plamook”, Patty would go out and buy up a kilo of some type of little fish for the 6 cats the “some” villager left in our driveway, cause we had seen a handful of snakes slithering around the week we moved in.

Later, one of the cats disappeared, something about “hok meeow ha ma mai dee”???

Our maid Et arrived cheerfully by as Patty bought the fish, all the locals thought we were nuts or had won the Lotto to be buying anything to feed a house pet…

Et told Patty about the good news of her little sister had a baby last night! Labor pains told her to rush off to the big hospital in Phuket town, they went over the big hills towards Kathu, but the baby decided to appear before they got past the second hill!

The new mother didn’t know the baby had been born, “cause it was dark”, apptly, they named the new child…Jeep!

The kids dancing to the karaoke! The maids father, Khun Ja & Patong
Patty dancing! Our maid Ett, her husband Noki & their baby daugher
Poi. The kids just wanna ride around in The Spirit Of Patong!

Later that week, Et invited us over to her house,just a few houses towards the Wat for Chinese New Year party!

We’d were excited about the holiday and got to meet Ets parents, her husband Nok, a few of the other neighbors on the street and her brothers and children.

Et’s family were all rubber cutters and enjoyed their time off from walking up and down the sides of the steep hills around Patong that day. They showed us how the liquid rubber was made into thick pads, about a meter long, and very thick.

Kari-Okie seemed to be the main entertainment, we all sang both Thai and Phalong songs til very early in the morning.

Et and her mother had made a feast with Et’s speciality “Squid Soup”, I think that’s what it is, BLACK as night, something unknown inside the black broth, served cold, we ate it up as fast as possible, it was OK, something you don’t see every day!

We partied for sometime and finally bid our hosts Chok Dee PeeMai and let off 500baht worth of fireworks, I looked pretty funny with one of those twisty rockets bounching off my wheelchair wheels as I tried in vain to escape its firey wraith, but laughter was from all and we had a good time!

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