up coming trip

It’s winter again here in Seattle and just had first 2” of snow last week. The normal temp. right now is between 24-35 degree. Done all x’mas shopping since last week. This year we bought everything via internet, too cold to drive around!. The X-box and mp3 are very hot this year. Just bought my first mp3. it’s so tiny and sooooo cooool! People lined up for days just to get the X-box. I think the retail price here is around $390, but noticed on Ebay auction last week and it went for around $3000! Some crazy person… Why did anybody want to pay for that much? Have not got a clue!
Anyway before I got side track, I and my mr. are ready to go to Thailand again. It’s too cold up here so we’re heading south and will spend our New Year there. Hope to see the new airport but our ticket still said the old DonMuang, oh well…may be next year. We’re planning to explore along eastern seaboard route this time (from Bangkok-Bansaen-chonburi-Si Racha-Jomtien-Rayong-Chanthaburi). It’s going to be a long trip on the airplane but lucky we’re flying the new Boeing 777. Do you know that all B-777 has em-power for your laptop, portable dvd player or anything you might want to plug in during your flight underneath every seats ,even in the coach class? But if you’re flying the latest airbus model, they only have in the first section of the coach class (AC power). Therefore we will certainly be very busy playing with our new mp3 and watching the movies on our new portable dvd player (just bought some 2 Korean long drama with English subtitle, I think is 24 episodes each- will be crying alot). For those that flying via Tokyo-narita airport like us, do you know that on the 4th floor-they have a 30 minutes shower room (just bring only your toothbrush) at the terminal 2- for around $4.00 or you can book the hotel room hourly for around $13.00 on the same floor?. The shower room is for first come first serve but the hourly airport hotel on the 4th floor you can book via internet ahead of time also, but you have to show up within ½ hr of your booking time otherwise they will cancel the booking. I don’t know about terminal 1 though. We will post many pictures later when we get back.
O.k this is it. Have a many bunches of merry X’mas and happy New year 2006! & money…money…money!

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