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An Insight Into… Female University Students!
(Translated from The Daily News 3 -12 – 05)

Extremely Short and Ridiculously Tight!

Are Thai female university uniforms just….a flirtatation..or…not?

Our nation’s female university students have been causing a storm in every direction for ages, all because of one thing in particular and that is the present day state of the ‘Thai Female University Outfit’.
It just has to be said that the uniform of today is rather far from orthodox!

In the eyes of Thailand’s grown-ups, the uniforms are precariously dangerous, hazardous and completely inappropriate. Yet in the eyes of the uni girls themselves, such attire is considered ‘fashion’.

A certain male student by the name of Mr Suthin had this to say on the matter, “ Men enjoy looking at girls in short skirts and ‘seu-a nom rabeurt’ (bomb-breasted shirts). Now, I don’t mind a look myself but there is no way that I would accept such a kind of girl to be my girlfriend!”

Another male student, Mr Panya told us this, “ It is clearly incorrect to wear a university uniform with the intent to show-off ones bodily beauty. I say – such a thing is no good! Sure, I look at these girls but I when I see them I feel more pity than I do attraction.

We at The Daily News, after listening to a few of the uni guys, decided to ask a couple of the uni girls instead, just exactly how they thought.

Miss Amawasi (not a follower of fashion) replied, “The length of the uniform skirts are getting shorter and shorter and the shirts are getting both tighter and tighter! What is happening? The situation is very worrying indeed!

However, most of the fashion-victims we talked to completely disagreed with any of the statements above, and in their opinion – saw nothing wrong in how they dressed. “It is just – fashion”

One uni girl we talked to by the name of Miss Kaew, came up with this for starters, “We have to dress like this! None of the shops in my local area selling trendy uni outifits stock any piece whatsover that actually fits properly. Every skirt and shirt on offer is sized either ‘SS’ (sexy small) or ‘SSS’ (super sexy small). Besides, all the shops which sell properly-sized university skirts or shirts are either doing dismal business or have closed-down due to ‘lack of sales’
Anyway, no respectable trendy female student these days is going to be seen dead hanging around in such old-fashioned attire. (any girl which does, is seen as – strange)”

Another uni girl we interviewed, Miss Peun, followed up with this, “It is a girl’s right how she wishes to dress. If we are forced to wear a uniform we will take the regulations to the limits. Grown-ups ought to be more interested in our work results than in how we dress. And anyway, how a student wishes to dress has no effect whatsoever on their grades.


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