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Scoop of the Day – ‘The Deep South’s New Brain-Washing Drug!’
(Translated from the Thai language Newspaper Daily News 28 –11 –05)

‘It had been rumoured for ages that drug-abuse was a major factor concerning the unrest in the deep-south’ and for the first time the Daily News can report that the rumour is…yes indeed, a fact!

According to a brand new report issued by the Army Chief for the south, Lt. Gen Kwanchart, the southern menaces have been producing and knocking off a newly-invented highly dangerous and toxic drug.

This drug which is known as ‘See Khun Roy’ is being sold cheaply to potential troublemakers in the hope that they will be brainwashed and so, enticed into acts of terrorism. The Army Chief has called the new brain-washing drug ‘a powerful new weapon in the hands of the Southern terrorists!’

‘See Khun Roy’ is a drinkable tasty narcotic which consists of ‘Bai Krathom’ (A banned Thai plant with effects similar to marajuana), ‘Mosquito Coil Repellent!’, Pepsi Cola, ‘Codeine-Based Cough Mixture’ and the Date-Rape Drug – ‘Aprazolam Xanax’.

Lt Gen Kwanchart said that huge quantites of this brain-washing drug are being sold freely and openly to potential troublemakers/terrorists on the streets of Yala province.

If yer mad enough to fancy trying a bottle of this stuff, Lt Gen Kwanchart also mentioned that a 1.25 litres bottle sells at just 100-150 baht!


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