Pardon My Turkey Part II

Around this time last year, Brandon and I were in Bangkok. My parents know well the Thanksgiving traditions. And just to make Brandon feel a little more at home during such big American holiday, they booked the family a Thanksgiving dinner at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, Polo Club’s dining room.

It was our only time to get together as a family, and it would be the first time I met my brother’s girlfriend–now fiance. My dad unexpectedly has to leave town for business during most of our stay.

So there we were, my parents, Brandon and I, and my oldest brother and his girlfriend, chatting over plates of turkey, gravy, and mashed potatoes.

Yes, folks. I did say turkey, gravy, and mashed potatoes.

This may be an American dish, but being in Thailand, somehow it still has the Thai flare to it. Not quite down home Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving dinner. Our plates were dressed up fancy-like with carved veggies, and the flavor was more of the Western food out of the royal palace’s kitchen, the adapted Western food.

While gnawing at possibly the driest turkey I’ve ever had, I started to ponder…

Where did the turkeys come from?

Up until 4th of July this year, I have never seen a live turkey in my life. Thailand is not a place you find these giant birds flocking about.

Apparently, they’re not as hard to find as Western restaurants all over the Big Mango offer Thanksgiving dinner deal.

But still, where the heck did we get all these turkeys from??

After another glass of wine, it didn’t matter. What mattered was that I was home with my family, sans one brother, and I was happy.

We hope to repeat this trip again next year with or without the turkey.

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