The Enchanting Spirit Houses

Bangkok is a modern megapolis dominated by steel and concrete towers. In times to come, there would be many more tall buildings like the Baiyoke Towers. Then we have the multi-level roads and fly-overs along with the sky train and the underground metro.

Land is the most needed commodity for the teeming millions in the city with little left for open spaces and parks. And then suddenly Bangkok surprises us with its Spirit Houses and surrounding greenery. Who knows what nymphs and fairies move about in the twilight hours? They must be needing some place to rest for a while! The Spirit Houses are pleasant idylls in the city landscape. Call them the oasis in a desert.

It is always sane to keep alive our sense of wonder and enchantment. The great German sociologist Max Weber advocated for the scientific spirit, but prophetically recognised the fact that science in some way had disenchanted the world- he termed it Entzauberung der Welt. Could we bank on innovative architects to come up with enchanting interludes in the play of steel and concrete?

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