People and Places

There are places I’ll remember
all my life, though some have changed,
some for ever, not for better,
some have gone and some remain.
All these places had their moments,
with lovers and friends I still can recall,
some are dead and some are living,
in my life I’ve loved them all.

(The Beatles- In My Life)

The above stanza explains best the dynamics of our memory. We some how get attached to people and places. Many of these things change. Some places may remain the same for a long time.

The photograph above is of an Optician’s Showroom, taken in 2002. It has remained exactly the same since 1989. Not even the slightest change in the display material and brand names. It is located in Muang Thong Thani III off the Chaengwattana Road. Something that had not changed for so long gave me a lot of happiness.

In the same road further down, there is the Wandee Building. Inside the building, there used to be a small super market selling food items and other household provisions. All the time it used to play music. I remember having bought many types of Brazilian Coffee, some with caffeine and some decaffeinated. The music always lingered in my mind. This time when I revisited the building, I found the supermarket missing and in its place an automobile Tyre Shop had come up. I could feel a bit nostalgic and leave the premises. Such is life.

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