A Trip to Koh Kret

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  1. Even though it is just north of Bangkok, Pathumthani is the only province where most of the local folk are of Mon origin.

    Koh Kret is the only place in Thailand where ‘Mon’ language is still in usage, Koh Kreters may not be able to speak this Burmese dialect but the written form has been preserved through the diligence of the monk community. Recently great effort has been to conserve this langauge, otherwise it could well become extinct. The Burmese Junta has successfully curtailed the usage of Mon in Burma itself over the past couple of decades.

    Wat Pai Lom as mentioned by Richard is also the mysterious home to the migration of ‘Storks’ once a year. I think its around December when the temple grounds are just full of thousands of strorks migrating from the west.

    I used to live and work in Pathumthani and the locals there say there is absolutely no explanation whatsover why Wat Pai Lom was chosen by the migrationg stork community.

    Much has been publicized of Sala Daeng Village just up from Koh Kret. Myself and the old school played host to bringing the WHO and its secretary-general there a few years back. The village is almost completely self-sufficient and that it grows all its own veg and fruit etc… and has successfully, on its own, turned that area of The Chao Praya River into the cleanest and most pollution free in the whole of the its length.

    Though on the surface Koh Kret, Sala Daeng and Pathumthani as a whole, aren’t exactly the most excitingly visual places to go in Thailand there is much to be admired if you complete a bit of personal study into the area first.

    Good series this by the webmaster, keep it up!

  2. Richard it is amazing how you have lived in Thailand over 10 years, Visited so many places and there is always some thing new to discover with in a day’s trip from Paknam or Bangkok. It just goes to show how limited, the information is in these guide books.
    It is amazing how this Island has developed in isolation, to people that live in neighboring areas, In some way it would have been nicer to visit before tourism started, but I suppose it does give the Island, more money to maintain, the temples etc.

  3. True what Paul up there said. Living in one place for such a long time but discoveirng something new everyday makes life a little exciting, imho.

    It’s sad that Lonely Planet don’t do those places justice in their publishings. Usually when I flip through their books at the store, I feel they’ve overlooked some things so I don’t bother buying them. There’s thai-blogs!!! (^__~)

    Good entry as always.

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