Alcazar’s Magical Dreams.

An alcazar in Spanish means a fortress or a castle.There are many famous alcazars in Spain. The alcazars at Seville and Sergovia are famous. But to find an Alcazar in Pattaya is a matter of surprise and novelty.

The image above looks a little sombre, though it is not as large as a castle. This is the Alcazar of Pattaya.

In the same compound there is another structure of architectural novelty,the “Triangle Super Club”. A lone palm tree gives the place an outlandish look.

But the moment we go inside Alcazar Theatre, our dream world opens up. On the stage we see dream like sequences of immensely beautiful fairies and nymphs. In an underwater scene an oyster shell opens up revealing a beautiful princess with entourage. Japanese, Chinese and Thai stories unfold under magical lights.

And then there is a twist. A single figure comes up and sings Paul Anka’s duet, ” One Woman man”, the familiar song goes- you caught me fooling around, with some body new! The same figure sings both the male and female lines by changing the side profile. This exquisite show is staged by immensely beautiful souls who look dream like. Some day I would like to see the Japanese story of Urasima Taro staged there.

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