Daily Archives: November 2, 2005

Wit’s Top Ten

Just for fun I started thinking of this little ‘bullet’ while waiting on my Mesozoic Era PC to load at work.

Top Ten Reasons it’s cool to be an ‘Out’ Thai fanatic at Work

10. You can write all your pass codes down in Thai so no one can read them (unless your boss is Thai but she swears she won’t tell 😛 )
9. You can make your office space look really cool with Thai posters, calendars and screensavers.
8. Talking on the phone in Thai with your friends makes you sound mysteriously cool to your co-workers (plus they wonder what your up too)
7. Cooking Thai food for the company office party makes you really popular and there are never any leftovers!
6.You can drown out inane office chatter by listening to cool Thai music CD’s on your Walkman
5. Anything Thai is always an interesting topic of conversation around the water cooler.
4. Bored at work? You can catch up on the latest with Thai-Blogs.com (just don’t get caught ;))
3. A vacation to Thailand sounds way cooler than your office mate’s trip to the beach. Again.
2. Getting ‘fired’ at work just means adding extra chillies to your lunch!

And the number one reason it’s cool to be a Thai fanatic is….

1. As a Buddhist think of all the extra religious holidays!