Where have all the sarongs gone,,,

Old Patong, where sarongs filled the streets and shops by

the blue Andaman Sea. A rainbow of sarongs. From the

little gardens at the southern end of Ao Patong, to the wild

and old jungle north of vailed Kalim.

Men, women, children, some farongs even. From the lady

on the motorcyle market to the rice farmers and expatriates
village way back near Baan Sai
living in the Nam

Yen, near the where the road finally straightens hugging the

edge of the jungle. The lings sings and screech as we turn

north at the base of the mountain. The secret garden village

lay ahead to the north, the coolness of the little waterfall

cuts through the heat of the night.

edge of the paddie, our charming bungalow await, and another nights rest…

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