The Daily Artist.

Thai people have an exquisite eye for the artistic. This gets reflected in the day to day life at all levels. If we take the market place out in the open, we find there well arranged fruits and vegetables of all shapes and hues. As people come and buy, these things would be in disarray no doubt, but the vendor would again go in to his skills of deft arrangement.

That is why we carry the images of fruits and flowers from the floating market and Chatuchak. Writing in the 60s, the Italian author Luigi Barzini wrote about the Italian fruit vendor who would spend hours in polishing and arranging his apples. The Thai is a little like the Italian in this regard.

In the above photograph, green coconuts are cut with a flat base and arranged one above the other to fit into a small area.

4 responses to “The Daily Artist.

  1. Yes… the vendors really have a fantastic skill in the way they can deftly maintain everything even in small areas. I feel the same about the vegetable markets in India. Of course the sorroundings here are not always so clean as I saw in Thailand but the area that each vendor controls is very well kept.

    What’s amazing is the quiet, cool manner which they can handle disarray and bring it back to order – as you say.

    I really like the topics you bring up in your blog!

  2. Surely you haven’t seen a family of 5 on ONE moped?

    Yep. We have that stacking skills unmatched by others!

  3. I have alot of respect for Thai workers. No matter how menial their job are, they always do their best. I have seen many van drivers during my many trips in Thailand and I note that the vehicle under their charge are always kept in a clear and tidy condition.
    Thai are more like Japanese who has a strong QUALITY Culture. Malaysians have a lot to learn from Thais and Japanese.

  4. This is really cool blog