Fun at the Temple Fair


The 9 day and 9 night temple fair in Samut Prakan is coming to its end. The last day is Tuesday. If you are in this area and haven’t visited us yet then I strongly suggest you do so soon. It is an experience not to be missed. It is probably one of the biggest temple fairs in Thailand and is apparently the first recorded temple fair. As I mentioned before, it is massive as it takes place on both sides of the river. It only costs about 3 baht to cross the river in a passenger fairy. These boats leave every few minutes throughout the night. I took the above picture from the boat this evening. It is the view as we approached Phra Samut Chedi. Both sides of the river are very beautiful with many colourful lights.


There is a lot to see and do at the temple fair. The best time to go is in the afternoon in order to beat the crowds. By 6 p.m. there are so many people it takes forever to walk a few yards. However, the disadvantage of going in the afternoon is that the roads are not closed yet and so you won’t see any of the smaller stalls that set up in the middle of the road. The bigger stalls are open all day on both sides of the road. You can buy just about anything from household items to fashion accessories.


There are also different games you can play like Bingo and darts. Lots of fantastic prizes to be won. As you can see, these games are always very popular. In the final picture below, you can see one of the hundreds of food stalls which are daisy chained up and down the streets. They are everywhere and there is certainly plenty to eat. Just make sure you don’t eat anything before you leave home. There are lots of things to snack on. Like squid eggs, grasshoppers, roasted chestnuts, mini pancakes and sausages on a stick. There are also many full meals to choose from.  Make sure you leave room for dessert!


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