Khanom La


The temple fair is still continuing here in Samut Prakan. The weather has also been improving so I have been able to go out and get some good photographs. As people come from far and wide to sell their produce at the fair, this is actually a good opportunity to see food from other provinces. Today I want to introduce you to khanom la which is a famous product from Nakhon Si Thammarat. There are several versions of this sweet. One is flat and the other tube like.


I don’t have much information yet on the ingredients. One person suggested it contains rice flour, granulated sugar, plam sugar and egg yolk. Honey can also be used. Coconut oil is used for the wok. I will try and update this more later. As you can see from the above photo, the mixture is poured into a can with holes in it. This is then swung above a pre-heated wok in circle motions until a kind of spider’s web is weaved. Less than a minute later it is set hard and a kind of poker is then used to make the tube like end result. It was quite fascinating watching her do this. She was obviously very skilled as she did every step very quickly.


5 responses to “Khanom La

  1. I feel it must melt in the mouth, even though it is hard. No?

    This one was more than ‘art of cooking’. More like the ‘craft of cooking’!

  2. I am fairly up on my sweets and I have never seen nor heard of this one. I wonder did you try it? Was it very rich (in sweetness I mean)?

    Did you catch what type of oil is used on the wok to prevent sticking? After spinning the hardened mixture onto the stick, they then allow it to harden on the stick and then slide it off correct? The candy must finish getting hard while on the stick, if they remove the stick too soon it would flatten right?

    It looks almost like a cotton candy style process.

  3. Whatever it’s made of or tastes like it sure is neat to watch! I’m with you Richard I’d be fascinated to watch this lady in action while she makes it. Cool!


  4. oh my dis looks so tasty….. there r so many things i have not eaten 🙁 how upsetting

  5. There is a tale for Kanom La. it is for any of our ancestors who died and reincarnated as miserable ghost. Because of his bad kharma (by speaking lie or swear bad word when he was a human), these ghost’s mouths are as small as needdles. Therefore, they can’t have a proper meal so that their childrens or relative need to offer Kanom La for them during the ancestral festival. 🙂 Kanom La can be used as their dress also 🙂