More Pictures of the Temple Fair

Some people say that the temple fair in Samut Prakan was the first of its kind in Thailand. Not sure if that is true but I have seen records that date it back a hundred years or so. Most of the city is affected by the fair. The whole of the parade ground, riverfront and the two main roads running through the city have stalls. At about 4.30 p.m. theses two roads are closed to traffic and more sellers move in to set up their stalls in the middle of the road. These pictures were taken at about that time on the road running past the city pillar.

This is probably a good time to go to the fair as there isn’t so many people. Most of the crowds will come in the evening or weekends. Though the last few evenings it has rained a lot. I have probably taken just over 1000 pictures so far. Most of them are food pictures! But there are fairground games to play too. I will try and get a better variety for you.

But, it is the food stalls that draw my attention. So many delights to try. And many of them from not around these parts. Judging by some of the signs, they have come far. But, there are some locals which I recognize. A few are parents of my students as they seem to know my name.

If you get bored with the fair on this side of the river, you can pay 3 baht to catch a ferry to the other side of the river. You will find there quite a few more fairground attractions and food stalls. I will show you some pictures from that side later.

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